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Blogger is among the foremost CMS platform powered by Google that offers hassle free blogging tools to its publishers for absolutely free. You don’t have to spend money in buying expensive web hosting servers to kick-start a blog. With Blogger, all you need to do is to sign up to with your Google account and you are good to publish your blog. However, every blog needs a trendy, professional and high quality design that not only appeals visitors, but also Search engines. Blogger supports XML web templates, you can create or upload your own, or there are tons of websites available that provided FREE XML Blogger Templates like Templateism. Today in this article, we will show you How to upload or Install Template in Blogger.

Choosing a Professional Blogger Template?

First and foremost, you have to select an ideal template for your blog that not only looks good but also comes pre-optimized for Search engines. We have already written a comprehensive article on how to choose a professional blogger template so before moving ahead kindly consider it.

How to upload or Install Template in Blogger?

After downloading the template, make sure it is in .xml format. If the downloaded template is in .zip format then you have to extract it with the help of software that is WinRAR. To extract files left click on the .zip file and press “Extract Here” this will extract your template and which would be in .xml format.

Now to go >> Template >> Backup/Upload (that is located at the top right corner of your screen for your convenience we have attached a screenshot below).

A new window will pop, as shown in screenshot below. Select “Browse” and choose the template that you want to install on your website. Once everything is done, press “Upload” in the end.

Congratulations: You have successfully learned how to upload or install a blogger template with step by step guidance. You can now customize your template according to your desire needs by going to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML.

We hope this tutorial may have helped you to learn how to install a blogger template, if you find any error during the uploading process then it might be because template is broken. Share your thoughts and experience about how having a perfect blogger template could be beneficial for you and your visitors.

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